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Keep On Track With Google Calendar Comments Off on Keep On Track With Google Calendar

time-481448_640As businesses men and women struggle to find the best way to keep track of busy schedules, many have begun turning to the free calendar application provided by Google. Google Calendar has long been an easy way for individuals and businesses alike to keep track of important events and make sure no appointments are missed every again.
However, changes are coming to Google Calendar that will to greatly improve the application and make it much easier to use on a daily basis. The new app has begun rolling out with the latest Nexus devices and will be available both online and on all Android based tablets and smartphones once all the manufacturers adopt the latest version of Google's Android operating system, Lollipop 5.0. In addition, Google plans to roll the new Calendar app to all versions of Android going back to version 4.1.

A Prettier Look
One of the first things users of the new app will notice is how much nicer it looks when compared to the older versions of the Calendar app. Featuring a flatter design with generous use of color for events, the calendar is easy to read and navigate as you can easily identify an event for the day based on the color used. The fonts themselves are clean, crisp and clear improving readability across all of Google's devices.

More than Just a Pretty Face
No matter how great looking an application is, if it doesn't provide users with the tools they need to get the job done it isn't worth very much. Google Calendar delivers a user experience that is second to none and works to make the scheduling of events much easier than it ever has been before.

In the classic calendar app, you had to manually enter and schedule events. This process took time, requiring you to scroll through a variety of choices. The new app, however, works to minimize the amount of scrolling you must do. With each scheduled diary date, the app works to predict various aspects of each event so you can bypass many of the manual entries and set things up quickly. In addition to assisting you with setup, Google Calendar will attempt to guess what you are doing by scanning your email, and can automatically set up events for you if you wish. This smart setup will save many businesses time as the app will automatically schedule a meeting for you after you have discussed it with your employees.

Other Features
In addition to making the event setup easier, Google Calendar now includes a Schedule View that will allow you to view events in greater detail and it will even display maps to help you get to your events and other data including photos, cityscapes and much more.

Currently, the app is only available on select Google Android devices but you can expect these improvements to reach virtually all devices running Google Android 4.1 and above very soon. In addition, Google has stated that they are also working on the iPhone version of the app so iPhone users can replace the default calendar with the more powerful Google Calendar app.