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Get Better Results on Social Media Comments Off on Get Better Results on Social Media

change_your_habits_for_better_results_on_social_mediaSocial Media can be a tricky sea to navigate. What works on one platform might not work on another. Your company’s Social Media strategy should never be seen as something that’s complete and put on a shelf somewhere. Instead, it should be an ever-evolving thing.

Every month, and every week if you can manage it, you or your team should be experimenting with new social media tools. There are a staggering variety of tools available, and if you’re not making smart, regular use of them, then you’re probably not getting as much out of your Social Media marketing as you could be. The quicker you change that and get into the habit of exploring new tools and options, the more effective you’ll become.

The entire point of Social Media is to engage; to have conversations with the people who actually make use of your goods and services. If you’re in the habit of just posting updates and never responding to the comments your posts generate, then you’re missing out on a golden opportunity that can translate directly into dollar signs for your company.

It’s not enough to just toss up a Facebook or other Social Media page and post updates. It’s not even enough to simply talk to your customers. You’ve got to get into the habit of digging into the guts of the data your analytics provide you to find out what’s working, what’s converting and what’s generating interest. Only by doing those things will you be able to incrementally improve your strategy for better results.

Most people “get” the need to use images in conjunction with their posts, be they blog posts or Social Media updates. What far fewer companies understand is just how important image-based search is going to become in the months and years ahead. It’s only just appeared on the radar, it’s true, but it is impossible to understate the long term importance of image-based search. You should start now building a tagged, searchable image index, because doing so now will put you miles ahead of most of your competition as image-based search matures and increases in importance.

Audit and Assess
Periodically, monthly if you can, and quarterly if monthly is too much of a burden, you should be auditing exactly how you and your team are spending your time on Social Media and updates. Few things are more important than this because if you let it, Social Media can become an enormous time sink. You want to avoid that, of course, but also, you want to identify where most of your time is being spent, because armed with this information, you can be on the lookout for Social Media tools that can streamline and automate parts of the process, and potentially result in huge time savings for your team.

Be Brave
Finally, you’ve got to be brave enough to be willing to stop doing the things that aren’t working. Once you’ve identified habits that are costing you time and/or money, if you can’t find a way to automate them to recapture enough of that time to make them worthwhile, you’ve got to be willing to pull the plug. Social Media is constantly evolving. It’s constantly in flux, and sometimes things just stop working. It’s just the nature of the game.