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PaaS and Its Benefits for You and Your Business Comments Off on PaaS and Its Benefits for You and Your Business

paasMany businesses are familiar with, and have indeed implemented, SaaS (Software as a service) as a method to keeping their overhead costs to a minimum. SaaS allows companies to host their software and programs (such as databases, accounting programs, customer service programs and the like) on a cloud-computing facility to save money and time and cut out the IT costs associated with upkeep and maintenance of in-house programs and software. PaaS is similar to Saas but is used mostly by software manufactures to host their programming projects on a separate server.

PaaS Defined
PaaS stands for Platform as a Service and is a method that allows software engineers to design and implement their software in a remote environment instead of in house. The overhead usually required to run a successful software manufacturing business can run hundreds of thousands of dollars, with all of the necessary hardware, servers and software licenses. PaaS vendors allow software manufacturing businesses an alternative to the up-front costs and ongoing costs inherent in running their business by allowing them to access these servers and necessary software in a cloud environment, thus reducing a major part of overhead and allowing the engineers to use different tools and software without requiring separate licensing for each new tool needed.

Cost effectiveness

Often a software engineer may only need a particular tool for a short time while testing or compiling their program. Without PaaS, the software business would need to purchase a license for each tool, even if it’s only used once or twice. This alone could cost thousands of dollars, and as it’s only used at most a few times, it is a very wasteful process. By using PaaS vendors, the software engineer has access to literally thousands of programs, software, hardware and other necessary equipment without having to buy a separate program or license each time they need one of these tools. This equates to a drastic reduction of cost and overhead.

Greater Mobility

Platform as a Service also provides the software engineer greater mobility in that they are not limited to a single server with static software, and in the way they can work from any location that has access to the internet. As more businesses are getting away from the brick-and-mortar concept of business, it only makes sense that those on the cutting edge of software development would prefer a virtual approach to their software development team, allowing them the ability to work on their projects from home or anywhere else with access to the web. This usually equates to a higher production rate as software engineers can tweak programs any time, day or night, when an idea strikes them or when they are “just about there” and have no desire to “quit for the night”. In addition, a team of software engineers doesn't have to reside in the same office building but instead can be located all over the world and still access the same software, hardware and tools.

Different PaaS venders for different projects

There are many different types of PaaS venders available today, from those offering existing software customizations and add-ons to those allowing for software design from the ground up. For instance, Microsoft offers PaaS environment for software engineers working on add-ons to existing Microsoft software so that engineers can have access to up-to-date software and hardware to test and run their programs without having to buy different environments, software licenses, etc. Whereas other Platform as a Service venders may provide a complete environment for software designing from the ground up as well as other services to test and even distribute products.

If your company designs software, you would do well in considering PaaS as a way to minimize your costs while maximizing efficiency and use of time. You will need to do a little research and planning, of course, in order to find the right PaaS vender for your needs and budget. However, with a little thoughtful planning and research on the available services available, you will more than likely find the perfect match for your company that will save you time and allow you to focus on the product to get to market quicker than ever before.