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Steps You Can Take To “Go Green” At The Office Comments Off on Steps You Can Take To “Go Green” At The Office

rsz_lamp-432247_640Everybody these days is talking about “going green,” but what does that actually mean? Are there things you can do, right now, starting today that aren’t complicated, expensive, or high maintenance that can help you save money and provide good PR? As it turns out, the answer to that question is yes. Here are a few ideas.


The first thing you want to do is monitor to see what’s costing you the most money. Devices like the “Kill-A-Watt” are cheap, and provide a clear, easy to understand readout of how much every appliance in your office is costing you. You don’t necessarily have to do a full energy audit, but armed with this device, you can take it at a slow, measured pace and test a few devices a week. Over time, a pattern will begin to emerge.

“Smart” Power Strips

One of the biggest expenses you’ll find in your business is what your phantom loads are costing you. Phantom loads are usually devices with transformers (for example, the little black box your power cable runs into and out of that powers your laptop). Any device with one of these uses electricity when it’s not on, as to Televisions, DVD players, and a number of other electronic devices.

Plugging these into a smart power strip can save you as much as 10-15% on your monthly bill. These power strips have a variety of sensors to detect when the power is actually cut off to the device, and will simply shut it down completely, eliminating the phantom load entirely. A really simple, elegant solution that can save you a ton of money.


Phantom loads cost you real money and are easy to get rid of, and lighting is the same way. If you make it a point to slowly, over the course of two to three months, change all your lighting out for compact fluorescents or LED’s, you can shave another 15-25% off your light bill each month. Understand then, that even if these are the only two things you did, you could save 25-40% on your monthly electric bill, fattening your bottom line, and using less of the power company’s juice, which would result in a little less pollution month to month.

The bottom line is – going green doesn’t have to mean radical changes to the way you do things. It doesn’t mean giving anything up, or sacrificing productivity. It can actually mean significant savings for you and your company. That’s win-win. You win, because your company really can use your “green” efforts as a strategic advantage and you can make it a part of your brand story. Your company wins because you get to fatten your bottom line. After all, from an accounting perspective, saving money is just as good as making it. A dollar’s still a dollar, and rather than sending more of yours to the power company each month, you can keep them in house to pay for the development of the next multi-million dollar idea.