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Why Consult With USPCNET About IT?

We thoroughly assess your business needs and take the time to understand your company’s IT requirements.  Before making any recommendations, we ask a lot of questions and evaluate your hardware already in place.  We do not focus on product sales or sales quotas.  As a result, we only recommend solutions that we feel best meet your needs.

Does Your Network Need Help?

Because your organization depends on technology, a reliable network is essential.  Connectivity, availability and minimum downtime. USPCNET has more than ten years of IT experience, computer network design, consulting, and support services for small and medium-sized organizations. We have designed and built over 1,000 networks for organizations. These networks span from 10 users with 2 servers setups to a 30 server SAN migration. We have the knowledge, training, and experience to design an IT network that is ideal for your organization's needs.

As your organization evolves to stay relevant in the changing business world, it will need to modify and adopt new IT technologies to support it. When your organization needs IT consulting and expert guidance, USPCNET can help.

By partnering with USPCNET, your organization can have the peace of mind of certified professional’s that get the job done. Ensure that projects and work performed completes without issues.Benefits of Outsourced IT

Benefits of Outsourced IT

  • Multiple skill sets provided by IT company
  • No benefits of employees
  • No need for training or hiring
  • Come with expensive monitoring tools and maintenance.

With outsourcing IT, the company must only:

  • Locate a reliable and high-quality vendor
  • Pay the vendor for the services provided